Saturday, December 31, 2005

Woof! (A.K.A. Confessions of a Pessimistic Dad)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I know I did, although I wasn't sure if it was going to turn out that way. Why? you might ask? What could be possibly be wrong with Christmas? Are you some kind of Scrooge? Well, yes....I am...well..was.

Mrs. T-Bone, my lovely wife, has a special passion for animals. From what I understand, she has always had a pet growing up. Dogs, cats, birds...I think she has done it all. And, I think animals have a special passion for her. Everywhere I have gone with her where there has been an animal of some sort (someone's home, a pet store, the zoo) the animals in attendance seem to flock to her, there is some sort of magnetic attraction there...they know. It's uncanny. If she were a superhero, her special ability would be to talk to the animals and get them to do her bidding to save the world from some evil genius. I think that this passion has been passed on to our daughter Chelsea (and maybe Madison too, but its too early to tell) and she has been asking for a dog for at least the past year. She has yearned for a dog like no other has ever yearned before. She only wanted one thing from Santa this year and you can guess what it was. Everyone in my family, grandparents included, wanted her to finally get that dog. Evryone, except me.

You see, I don't share this passion that the female half of the Cloyd clan has. In fact, I wanted to make sure I did everything in my power to prevent that dog showing up in my house. Well, a series of events was put into place that made getting the dog inevitable and I was FREAKING OUT about it! What was this dog going to do to my house? How much of my personal belongings is he going to chew through? How much was I going to have to clean up after this thing? MY HOUSE IS GOING TO SMELL LIKE DOG! ARGH!!! I literally had a couple of anxiety attacks over this. Yes, I know.....I am a tight-wad. After talking it over with some friends I realized that I need to 'let-go' and stop worrying about it. Also, I was putting Mrs. T-Bone through hell over it. I was only looking at all the negatives, not any of the positives like how happy the kids could be and how it would be a good lesson in responsibility for them.

After looking at the picture above, I understood what an idiot I am. How could I deny my daughter such joy? I mean, look at that! How could anyone say no to that? And, wouldn't you know...I am getting fond of the guy. Who knows, he might even like me too. He is a good dog, very mellow and loving. So, to Dash (that's his name, he is a golden labrador) and the family I say 'I'm sorry!' Here is to some great memories with the newest member of our family.


Doah said...

Hey T-bone. I have to say that I can relate to this post, but not in the way you would expect. You see, I am the dog person. I adore dogs. Always had one as a kid. Chrisy would be the "T-bone" in this family and I would be the "Mrs. T-bone" (that felt scary typing that). Max would be Chelsea. Anyhow, we had a dog as a family. Her name was "Dot" and we got rid of her pretty much because she was driving Chrisy crazy. Now that Max is older he wants a dog again so bad. Strangely, I'm in the position of saying, "Absolutely not! Never!" And, aparently, Chrisy forgot what it was like because she's sort of into the idea again. But, I won't do it because I would want the dog in the house and licking the kids and laying on the couch and I know Chrisy wouldn't support that and it would just be sad again. I am truly happy for your family though. Cute picture on this post.

Cat said... cute!