Monday, July 24, 2006

Bachelor Life - Field Trip One

'Bachelor life?' you may ask? 'Tony I thought you were married?' you may say. Yeah, I am. However, recently, during this time of transition, I have been living the life of a bachelor during the week. Oh yeah baby! It has been great! (Not actually sucks being away from Julie and the kids and she deserves mucho kudos for basically being a single mom during the week) You may be wondering what I have been doing to fill my time. Do you even have to wonder? I have been doing what every bachelor does........ I go sight seeing and I take pictures to post on my ultra-cool bachelor blog that reeks of sexiness and has the aroma of all that is hip.

With that I bring you the first in a series of field trip reports of various sights around the Twin Cities. In this report you get to hear all about a unique place that one wouldn't think existed in a metropolitan setting, Minnehaha Park and Minnehaha Falls.

The park and falls are about a fifteen to twenty minute drive south of downtown Minneapolis. The falls are part of Minnehaha Creek which flows through the southern part of the city. Along the creek is Minnehaha Parkway which is a very scenic drive along which nice homes are located amongst numerous trees and small parks. My Mom would go ice skating along the creek in the winter when she was a kid. Here is a description from Wikipedia:

Minnehaha Creek is a short tributary of the Mississippi River located in Hennepin County, Minnesota that extends from Lake Minnetonka in the west and flows east for 22 miles (35 km). Including Lake Minnetonka, the watershed for the creek covers 181 square miles (469 km²). Much of the stream flows through southern Minneapolis. The creek might have been unremarkable except for the 53 foot (16 m) Minnehaha Falls located near its confluence with the Mississippi. The site is not far from Fort Snelling, one of the earliest white settlements in the region.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was partly inspired by pictures of the falls to write to his famous epic poem, THE SONG OF HIAWATHA.

When I was a kid living in California, I would make trips back here to Minnesota to visit family. My Grandma would always make a trip to the falls with me every time I came back. So, the falls will occupy a fond place in my memories. So, with a free evening and nothing to do I made another trip to this oasis in the middle of the Twin Cities.

It was a great evening to visit. It wasn't too hot and there weren't many bugs out. There was a live band playing in the park cranking out some classic rock tunes. After checking out the falls, I decided to do something I hadn't done there before. I hiked the trail along the creek after the falls that goes down to where the creek meets the Mississippi River. The hike was longer than I expected and after a while I was alone on the path. It didn't really feel like I was in Minneapolis, but rather lost in the woods somewhere. Eventually I reached the Mississippi and observed a paddle boat passing by and people fishing along the shore. After the hike back to the park, I got an ice cream and sat down to listen to the band finish its set. I really enjoyed it. It was also nice to be back at Minnehaha Park.

Here more pictures I took. Enjoy.

Hiawatha & Minnehaha

Minnehaha Falls

The Band

Minnehaha Creek

Hiking along the creek

Where the creek meets the Mississippi, looking north at Lock & Dam #1.

Are ya feelin' hip yet?


Julie Cloyd said...

Enjoy it while you can, sweetheart, because while you may be living the bachelor life, your wonderful wife is slaving away as a single mom of three kids. Just wait until we move into our new house and I'll see how much fun it is to be a "bachelorette" again. Love you, honey.

James said...

Heed the words of your wife, dude. Enjoy it while it lasts :o)

So I was here the other day, and your website looked totally different; new template, new design etc. And now it's back to the old one. The new one was cool Live dangerously and bring it back. Embrace the change.

Michael, Sunrise, FL said...

Yes, I, too, love the falls. Definately a neat place! You also have to check out the old stone facitlity which is part of Ft. Snelling located across 494 from Post Road and the airport. When I was stationed at Ft. Snelling it was the officers club (may still be) and served excellent food. It is adjacent to a park, the name of which I do not recall, where the Minnesota River runs through.

Say, don't forget to get those tank heaters installed on your vehicles.

Doah said...

Funny Tony, I hadn't been to your blog since before my wedding anniversary (you wrote this post on that day) and, as it turns out, you and I have both had nature on our mind. That is this post about God's creation fits nicely with the last 4 posts I wrote. Cool! Sounds like a great day! Also, I got a kick out of Julie's comment above. Later dude, Doah

Cat said...

How cool!

I would SOOOOO recommend going to Pipestone for their Song of Hiawatha pageant. I've been twice now, it's fantastic.