Thursday, July 06, 2006

New & Improved Minnesota...Now with Warmth!

Hey everyone. By popular demand I am back with an update. Thanks for all the comments and I'm glad that folks are enjoying the blog.

Its been almost two weeks since we have arrived here in Minnesota and it has been busy.

First off, everyone is asking how the new job is going. It is going well! I am looking forward to a good future there! I really don't want to discuss work here on the blog, so I will just leave it at that.

How is the rest of the family doing? Very good so far. Let's just get something straight first......when we told people that we were moving back here all they could talk about was how cold it gets here. It was as if everyone thought that Minnesota was in a perpetual winter. Well, guess what? The weather here has been very warm and comfortable! We have been having a blast.

Ever since Julie and the kids arrived at my cousin's house, they have been playing their hearts out. I think that Cameron has been fishing just about every day. Along with their second cousins, Jared and Brandt, they have been doing all sorts of activities. They swim in the lake, catch frogs and turtles (yeah, turtles!), fish, play in the yard, and so on and so on. Just take a look at Madison, who fell asleep in her high chair at dinner the other evening. That is the sight of playing hard.

Last Friday I was reunited with the family for the long 4th of July weekend! I was so excited to see everybody! On Saturday, a friend of my cousin invited all of us to join his family on their pontoon boat on Lake Koronis. It was awesome! The boat was huge....24 feet long. We swam and fished off of the boat. We also BBQ'ed and had margaritas. Later in the evening, we watched fireworks that were shot off over the lake from an island on the lake.

Sunday, back on my cousin Doug's lake, we did some more swimming, relaxing, and we took our kids to see CARS. If you go see it, listen for a reference to the town we will be living in, Shakopee.

On Monday, my Uncle Greg threw a family party. His cabin is also on Lake Koronis. It was great seeing many of my family members again! I got to see my cousins, my Aunt, my Uncles, and second cousins. I'm glad that I will have many more opportunities to spend time with them and get to know them better since I didn't get to grow up here.

Anyway, I feel like I am rambling here. I just wanted to fill you in on how we are doing. Cloyd out.....


Anonymous said...

Good to see you are doing well. We (well at least I) miss you man!! JTrain!!

Helena Halter said...

Hello Family Cloyd,
what a great ride, thanks for all the great pics, I've never been to many of the places that you visited and it was cool to see the sites through your eyes.
The house looks great and I heard it will be done sooner than expected. Our 4th was started in the HOT parade behind the float that had no girls in the band, Laura is still very bitter about that....I told here we would have our own float next year and have nothing but girls on it. This was our first time walking behind the float and Olivia said we never had to do it again. Then was the Genton party, so good to see old friends, Taylors, Yackleys AND Frasers, I let out a big whoop at church last Sunday when she came up to me at the end of service. We saw fireworks from the lake also, but it was a manmade lake in the middle of a busy intersection, but nontheless, I was watching it from a kayak, so that was pretty cool
Glad to hear your job is going well, miss you all so, and really can't believe you're gone. When are you coming home for a visit? The Terry's where here tonight, they might be closing escrow in a few weeks so another one bites the dust. I can't take any more of you guys, Helena
PS, I have a new baby nephew, Gavin Luke, Jakob's little brother!

Michael, Sunrise, FL said...

Thanks for the update Anthony, and the photos. Great Shots. Yes, I remember Lake Koronis and Paynesville well. They have a couple of fantastic bakeries there.

Believe it or not I camped on that island many moons ago and it was great. For some reason there were no bugs or mosquitoes and there was a water spigot so no one had to go far for water.

It is hard to believe that we will be able to see you and the family next week. Until then...

Doah said...

Hey, nice update. It's nice to know you do have a summer there too :-) Also, I confess to looking at the weather and noticed that one day we had 72% humidity here and, on the same day, you only had 67% there. The weather was supposed to suck there all the time so you would hate it and come back! What gives? Your lonely friend, Doah