Friday, October 06, 2006

Field Trip Two

A couple of posts back I posted an entry called 'Bachelor Life Field Trip One.' I fully intended to post more parts but just did not get around to it. I guess I should start catching up. In light of the last two posts, let's keep the whole Twins theme going, shall we?

Way back in July I scored a couple of tickets to the Twins game through work. I got the tickets late in the day. So, I called up my brother Pat (who I was staying with at the time) and asked if he wanted to go. We decided to take the light rail line to downtown Minneapolis where the Metrodome is.

In recent years a light rail line was built in Minneapolis. It goes from the Mall of America in the south up to downtown Minneapolis due north, stopping at various points along the way such as the airport. Pat and I agreed to meet at the Mall of America station after work and hop on the train. It took about a half hour and two bucks to get to the Dome.

We got to our seats and they were GREAT! They were behind home plate on the first base side in the first deck. Cool! However, I have to was weird watching a ball game indoors inside of a building. I didn't quite like it. Definitely not the same as being at Angel Stadium watching the Angels play....outside. Thankfully, the Twins are getting a new stadium in a few years and the design will do away with the dome. They will be getting a traditional outside ball park. But, for whatever reason, it will not have a retractable roof. With the Minnesota weather, which can be 'schizophrenic' in the spring and fall, you need a roof to protect you from the elements from time to time. The powers that be will be kicking themselves in the rear when the rare April snowstorm hits and cancels opening day. Anyway, thanks to yours truly being in attendance, the Twins lost to the Cleveland Indians. Still, it was fun to go. Here is a photo of me, Jinx Boy, unaware of what he is doing to the Twins.

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Doah said...

I think I'd like the Metrodome a heck of a lot better if Bruce Springsteen was on a stage there right in the middle of centerfield! You know my favorite team: The E Street Band!