Thursday, December 20, 2007

T-Bone: Slavedriver

This past weekend our dearest friends Doah and Chrisy made their first trip to Minnesota to spend some time with us. Doah has blogged about their visit here and my wife, Julie, wrote up a nice summary here at her blog. But, I'm gonna be honest here....the real reason I wanted them to come was that I wanted to get some free work done around the house. If someone is gonna sleep in my beds and eat my food, well....they're gonna work for it darn it!

After visiting with them for a day, there came a time when we were all sitting at the table and an awkward silence fell. Doah looked at me and I looked at Doah. I said "Are you going to make me say it?" More silence and cold stares. "Get the shovel out of my garage and get your rear outside!", I said, "You know what to do! Git!"
Well, look at that.......darn tootin' he's gonna shovel my sidewalk! Doesn't look too bad for a first timer. Well, I hope they enjoyed their visit and that they come back soon! My garage needs some cleanin'.


Doah said...

Dude, that is classic! You tell a good factual story. I'm honored to be seen working there in the snow for free! Love you man.

Cat said...

HAHAHHAHA! Now that's the way to do it! Did you call it part of the "Minnesota Experience"?