Saturday, June 24, 2006

Day 5 Pics


Michael, Sunrise, FL said...

I think it is quite fantastic that you got to experience THE Wall Drug (with its free ice water--did you drink any?) and then, on top of that, The Corn Palace.

One thing that you may not have realized driving through Pipestone, Minnesota on Highway 23 headed toward Willmar, was that a few miles away was the Pipestone National Monument where, for long decades, stone for peace pipes for Native Americans throughout the country has been quarried. But that can be a future family trip.

But don't forget about Sauk Centre, home of Sinclair Lewis, author of Main Street, Elmer Grantry and Arrowsmith. Not too far away to the northeast is Little Falls, birth place and boy hood home of Charles Lindbergh.

Both Lewis and Lindbergh's boyhood homes as well as their respective Interpretive Centers are a must-see.

There is a lot of rich history and interesting things to see in Minnesota, such as the depression in the side of a hill where the family of Laura Ingles Wilder lived in a sod house in Walnut Grove, not too many miles from where your sister Cathy now lives in Sleepy Eye, and that too just a hoop and a holler from New Ulm, which the Indians burned down half the town during the Sioux Uprising in 1862.

But I think that we all know the real reason that you moved to Minnesota--The Mall of America in Bloomington, just minutes from your new office.

Doah said...

I notice there's not picture of Tony in a tent. I bet you checked into a hotel with the Martin Lombrano manicure package.