Saturday, June 24, 2006

Detour- Life on the Road

  • My butt hurts even more
  • All I am eating is junk food
  • Scanned the radio for FM stations. Wtached the radio go all the way around to find nothing......NOTHING!
  • Discovered it IS fun to Wang Chung tonight
  • National Public Radio is EVERYWERE
  • Feeling a pain like no other in my lower right back-can't make it go away
  • Watched gas get cheaper as we traveled east
  • I'm sick of driving
  • Still waiting for Christie Brinkley to pull up along side of me in a red Ferrari


Michael said...

What a fantastic trip you guys had. It was about the reverse of what we took back in 1994 when we drove out to attend your wedding.

This will be a great memory for the kids. What cuties they all are. Hey, are those glasses Cameron is wearing? When did that happen?

Just think that Monday morning when you are off to work, you will be relaxed and no pain left in your body--I hope!

BassMasterMarkieP said...

You my friend are a large mammalian freakazoid who has an ego as large as the great outdoors that demands to be reckoned with.

You guys are easily destined to soon become "the" Minnesota destination of discriminating South Orange Countians.

And remember when, after a year has gone by after you've moved in and there are still boxes waiting to be unpacked, you're well ahead of the national average, so quit yelling at your wife!

Hugs and Kisses!

JTrain said...

I love it!! How was the total trip? The Big bag of Peanut M&m's misses you big guy!!

Tony said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm.......Peanut Butter MnMs (drool)

Doah said...

Nice VACATION reference dude.