Thursday, June 22, 2006

On the Road - Day 3

Hello from Cody, Wyoming! I am pleased to report that today's travels went much smoother and the whole gang seems a bit happier due to getting into town at a much more reasonable time than 1:30 AM. We traversed through four states today; Utah, Idaho, a sliver of Montana, and part of Wyoming.

We left Salt Lake City at around 9:30 this morning and headed north into Idaho. I could feel a definite climate change as we went from state to state, which was a bit of relief from the 110 degree temps we experienced on Monday. After going through Idaho for a while and then a bit of Montana, we reached Yellowstone National Park. What an awe inspiring place! Absolutely beautiful and fascinating at the same time. You see, Yellowstone is actually one BIG volcano. Throughout the park are numerous geysers, mud pots, steam vents, and other evidence of volcanic activity. Add that to the many rivers, streams, trees, and wildlife and you have yourself one cool park. After entering the park, I saw a bald eagle fly over head. We also saw bison, elk, and two bears! One of the bears was just yards away from our car. I think my jaw was on the floor all day from seeing one amazing thing to the next. We could have easily spent a couple of days here instead of a few hours.

I have been enjoying hanging out with my bro, Patrick, and his family. It has been Pat and I driving my car. Julie and Pat's wife, Sarah, have been driving the van with the kids. (Hey, the girls haven't complained yet and we have offered many times to trade with them, so all you ladies out there can just hold those comments, K?) We have been passing the time by having some good conversations, listening to the ol' iPod (I don't think Pat likes my taste in music choices...oh well), and searching for FM radio stations when one goes out of range. I downloaded the latest Dane Cook comedy album and gave it a listen, which has been hilarious.

Well, I should hit the sack. Still have a lot of driving to do......

T-Bone go sleepy night night zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (drool)

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Doah said...

Poor Patrick, just how many Prince albums have you been through. I love you man and I envy this trip. You're seeing lovely stuff. Safe travels.